Thornton Township High Schools District 205

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District 205 Preschool Programs

Benita J. Anderson, CTE Area Instructional Leader

     Career and Technical Education provides many opportunities for students to prepare for various vocational and career paths.  One real-world experience that our students have is through our Family and Consumer Sciences area.  Our students take courses in Child Development and Child Care Lab.  During each semester, the students serve in a variety of roles while operating their school's preschool program, which is attended by preschool-aged children from within the various communities served by District 205.
District 205 students learn preparation skills by planning their lessons.  They also gain leadership skills while serving as the teacher.  In addition, they learn to work cooperatively in the role of assistant.  Finally, students who serve in the observer role learn to listen actively, as well as gather and record data based on observation.  During the season while the preschool is in session, all students are rotated so that they have several opportunities to serve in each role.
Kiddie Kat Preschool Program
     The Thornton High School Child Development and Child Care students completed the second semester of their preschool program on Thursday, March 5.  The session ended with a very colorful "graduation" ceremony.  Preschoolers who will not return were honored with a "cap-and-gown" ceremony.  Returning students were also honored.
     The preschool program ran for eight weeks each semester and allowed TTHS students to apply the knowledge that they acquired from their textbook portion of their Child Development classes to  hands on applications as they taught and served the preschoolers in the community.
     The classes are taught by Ms. Elizabeth Johnson.  Ms. Cecelia Richmond assisted with the program during the second semester.  They both worked diligently to assist their students in preparation and  planning for  the event.  The students did a wonderful job as they recognized their preschoolers through poem, song, and of course, hugs!
T-Bird Tots Preschool Program
     The Thornwood High School Child Development students culminated their work with their preschoolers on Friday, March 20, during a Completion Ceremony, in which all preschoolers were recognized for their achievements.
      The program was well-attended by the families of the preschoolers.  Entertainment was provided by the preschoolers as well as the high school students.  The Thornwood High School students shared their expeiences as preschool teachers with the parents and families in attendance.  Many showed heartfelt love for their preschoolers and often stated how much they would miss them.
      The program is facilitated by Ms. Claudia Gladstone, Child Development Teacher.  Ms. Gladstone and her students conducted a wonderful 9-week program that served as a great learning experience for all!
Thornridge Preschool Program
Preschoolers busy enjoying playtimeHighschooler works with Pre-Schoolers