Thornton Township High Schools District 205

Preparing all District 205 Students to be Competitive Leaders in our Global Society




Program Description


Visual Arts is the universal language of symbols used in investigating and expressing one’s individual perceptions of the world.  District 205 provides opportunities for our students to develop skills relevant to the production of visual arts while introducing career opportunities.  The Visual Arts program meets local, state and national goals for our diverse population while fostering interdisciplinary critical thinking.  Through the use of creative problem solving in the areas of drawing, painting, and design, all students will have opportunities to appreciate the artistic, multicultural, and technological influences contributing to our society and school community.


Program Goals


§  Visual Characteristics:  Students will understand the unique characteristics of the visual arts as well as understand the principle sensory, formal, and expressive qualities of the visual arts.


§  History:  Students will understand the importance of significant works in visual arts from major historical periods and their reflection of society, culture, and civilizations both past and present.


§  Techniques:  Students will implement various processes and tools required in the creation of artistic projects.


§  Performance Skills:  Students will create artwork based on the knowledge of the visual arts.


§  Work Ethic:  Students will handle all tools,supplies, and created work with diligence and care by practicing proper maintenance and proper storage.


§  Problem Solving:  Students will understand the process of creating original solutions to complex problems.


§  Interdisciplinary:  Students will make connections and understand the synergy between the arts and other disciplines.


Course Selections

Introduction to Art                      Jewelry

Ceramics                                     Visual Design

Drawing                                       Painting


Course Descriptions


R-1701-A  INTRODUCTION TO ART  FOR 9-10-11-12  1 UNIT  This course must be taken as a prerequisite to all other art courses.  Intro to Art has been designed to provide an introduction and foundation to the Visual Arts.  The course exposes the student to a variety of media while covering the topics involved with the Elements of Arts.  This course focuses on media,which may include:  pencil, ink,scratch board, colored pencil, pastel, watercolor, and acrylic paint, and airbrush.


R-1703-A  VISUAL DESIGN FOR 11-12  1 UNIT  This course is for students who are interested in the business-oriented study of visual arts.  Topics that may be covered include:  the Principles of Art,Commercial Art, Graphic Design, Advertising, Illustration, Product Design, and Architecture.  Students may work in a variety of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional media.  Prerequisite:  Must have already passed Drawing with a “C” or better.  Transfer students should complete a portfolio review by department.


R-1723-A  DRAWING FOR 10-11-12  1 UNIT  With acquired skill and knowledge from Intro to Art, this course will now explore a more in-depth view of drawing media with emphasis on originality and a creative approach to projects.  Media that may be covered include:  Pencil, Ink, Scratch board,Charcoal, Colored Pencil, and Pastel.  Prerequisite:  Must have already passed Intro to Art with a “C” or better.  The course may not be taken concurrently with Intro to Art.  Transfer students should complete a portfolio review by department.


R-1725-A  PAINTING FOR 11-12  1 UNIT  Painting continues to build off of the previous skills and knowledge learned, and will now explore painting mediums with emphasis on personal development and style.  Various painting mediums and movements will be covered.  Prerequisite:  Must have already passed Drawing with a “C” or better.  May not be taken concurrently with Drawing.  Transfer students should complete a portfolio review by department.


R-1727-A  JEWELRY FOR 11-12  1 UNIT  This course explores the design and creation of jewelry. Working from original designs, the students will learn basic metalworking processes, which may include: sawing, filling, soldering, polishing, and casting.  Design techniques and craftsmanship are stressed.


R-1733-A  CERAMICS FOR 9-10-11-12  1 UNIT  This course is an introduction to the medium of clay.  The student begins with basic techniques,which may include pinch construction, coil construction, slab construction, as well as sculpture. The students will use these hand-building techniques to create projects throughout the semester. Students will explore decorative techniques, as well as glazing.  Historical contributions will also be related to various projects and techniques. Wheel throwing may also be introduced.