Superintendent of Schools

Leotis Swopes  
Leotis D. Swopes, Ed.D
Interim Superintendent
Effective immediately, the Board of Education has appointed Dr. Leotis D. Swopes Interim Superintendent of Thornton Township High School District 205. Please refer all relevant matters to his office. For more information please contact the District Office.


Superintendent’s Message – September 2015
The newly-elected School Board has set the stage for an aggressive and exciting direction toward an academic rebirth for School District 205.  Their adopted goals shall direct the District’s mission in ensuring each child’s need for success be fulfilled.  To this end, progressive, measurable and accountable actions by students, teachers, support staff and administrators will be taken to transform District 205.
The immediacy of the School Board’s goals will be illustrated through curriculum  programming: International Baccalaureate Program, Advanced Placement Program, AVID and Title I projects to name a few; shattering negative statistics by reducing drop-out rates and raising student daily attendance and graduation rates; reducing discipline problems and raising academic achievement; reducing parent/community apathy and increasing parent/community involvement, and reducing “islands” of excellence and increasing institutions of excellence.
These programs will take time to manifest themselves into the reality that we aspire and that is how it should be.  However, with fidelity every day, every student in every classroom will have a teacher who is concerned about his/her education. 
We, the people of School District 205, will diligently strive with focused pace and sincerity into a transformational future.  Please join us as we carve out a dynamic future of success for your children!!!

Superintendent's Staff