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    The Science Program will provide opportunities for students to acquire and communicate concepts and basic vocabulary of biological, physical, and environmental sciences.  Students will apply the processes, techniques, methods, equipment, and available technology of science to solve everyday problems in an increasingly technological world.
    Students will use the scientific method to develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills required to conduct research and make responsible decisions and ethical judgments in our society and environment.

    Program Goals
    1.     Experience the richness of knowing about and understanding the natural world.
    2.     Understand and value the impact of science on the individual, society,  technology, and the environment.
    3.     Understand that science impacts personal decisions concerning well-being, ethics and careers.
    4.     Understand and communicate the concepts and basic vocabulary of science.
    5.     Understand the process and importance of acquiring, managing, and using information in science.
    6.     Understand science as a human endeavor which spans time and culture through interdisciplinary studies.


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