Public Relations Staff

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  • Department Overview:   

    The Public Relations Department serves as a liaison between District 205 and the community, providing information and facilitating effective communication between school board members, the superintendent, administrators, teachers, staff, students, parents, and the community. 

    The department is responsible for the following:

    • social media & web presence
    • media relations & press releases
    • e-Flyer approval & distribution of marketing materials

    Department Goals:

    • Function using clear, concise, transparent, and two-way communication to create channels that build trust and understanding between District 205 and our stakeholders.
    • Use standardized communications strategies for our staff, families & communities.
    • Create engaging & timely multimedia content to promote our students and community.
    • Be champions for the District 205 mission & vision and practice our valued commitment.

    Media Guidelines:

    District 205 is committed to working cooperatively with the news media for coverage of issues and events involving the school district, its students, and staff. However, District 205 is dedicated to providing all students with a safe learning environment without unnecessary interruptions.

    • All media inquiries should be directed to the District 205 PR Department/District Spokesperson. The District Spokesperson will work with the Superintendent / Assistant Superintendent to decide the district’s response to each media request. Exception: routine athletic or extracurricular activity coverage. 
    • Media personnel may be allowed on campus to interview staff or students during the school day with prior approval from the PR Department and the District 205 Superintendent / Assistant Superintendent. As a general rule, interviews are granted only when coverage is in the best interest of District 205, its students, and staff. 
    • Reporters and/or photographers must check in to the school office before beginning an authorized interview. 
    • If a member of the media visits the school site with or without prior approval, he or she should be detained in the school office until the principal and or District Spokesperson can be notified.
    • School officials are not required by law to get parental permission before still photographs or videotaped media interviews are conducted unless a special education student is involved (FERPA). To the extent possible, District 205 honors parental requests regarding media coverage of students, especially those requesting directory information be “completely restricted.”
    • District 205 will honor a parent or guardian’s request not to have a child’s name or photograph released to the media if the request is made in writing to the school principal.


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    • In the event District 205 schools must be canceled or delayed due to inclement weather, the decision to close or delay will be made the day before or 6:00-6:30 a.m. Please refrain from calling school administrators or the transportation department.
    • Information regarding school closings will be made through the following outlets: Local TV and Radio media outlets. District 205 Emergency Notification System (Blackboard): Our mass notification robocalls system, district/schools website and social media outlets. Your child's emergency contact information must be up to date.