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  •  OrganicLife

    OrganicLife is Seeking New Employees

    Attention all food service enthusiasts! We have some incredible news to share! OrganicLife is excited to announce several available positions for talented individuals like YOU in the food service industry. Are you passionate about creating delicious and wholesome meals? Do you thrive in a fast-paced and creative environment? Then this opportunity is perfect for you! To apply, email

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  •  3E Expo

    Attention D205 Seniors! We Have Exciting News for You!

    🎓 The 3E Expo is tailored to support all of you in achieving your post-high school goals, whether that's being enrolled in a college or university, enlisted in the military, or employed in a thriving career. 🌟 This event is designed to provide you with all the tools, resources, and information you need to succeed in your 3E plan.

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  •  AC Green Show

    D205 Students Featured on the AC Green Show, 106.3FM

    District 205 grooming the next generation of pilots . . . D205 students were recently featured on the AC Green Show, 106.3FM, for their experience in the Jumpstart Private Pilot Program. Check it out!

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  •  Collective Bargaining

    Faculty Association Collective Negotiations 2023

    On May 24, 2023, representatives of the Board of Education and the Faculty Association of District 205 met for the parties’ fifth bargaining session. The Faculty Association began the session by asking clarifying questions regarding both of the Board of Education’s May 11, 2023, comprehensive, package counterproposals. Then, the Faculty Association rejected both of the counterproposals. Next, the Faculty Association presented its own comprehensive, package counterproposal. The Faculty Association’s comprehensive, package counterproposal was for a term of one-year and is available here. In response, today, the Board of Education again presented two proposals to the Faculty Association in hopes of reaching an agreement on a new contract. The first is a comprehensive, package counterproposal that may be found here.

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  •  Free Tablet

    Free Tablet. Free Internet.

    Thornton Township High School District 205 is participating in an exciting technology program which our students can receive a Free 10.1-inch-high-definition tablet and Free monthly internet service. You may qualify for a free tablet and internet service. Complete the application to secure your free device and internet service today!

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  •  Hotspot Survey

    Hotspot Survey

    How reliable is your WiFi? Do you have access to the internet to complete school work? District 205 wants to know more about students' mobile needs and access to the internet.

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  •  Youth Mental Health

    Youth Mental Health First Aid

    LEARN HOW TO SUPPORT THE YOUNG PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE Youth Mental Health First Aid teaches you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental health and substance use challenges among adolescents ages 12-18. You’ll build skills and confidence you need to reach out and provide initial support to young people who are struggling. You’ll also learn how to help connect them to appropriate support.

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  •  Safe Schools

    Safe Schools Initiative

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  •  COVID Testing

    COVID-19 Testing and OPT-OUT Form

    District 205 has partnered with the University of Illinois to test district students, teachers, and staff members for COVID-19 infection. Learn more about testing here. An OPT-OUT form is also available.

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  •  TTSD Infant Care

    TTSD Infant Care

    Need Infant Care? TTSD can help!

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