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    Send your ACT Scores
    Some colleges and universities will require the official ACT score (which can only be sent directly from the ACT itself).  Go here to have the scores sent to the college of your choice if you have not sone so already.
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    FairTest has compiled a list of more than 730 colleges and universities nationwide that admit a substantial number of students without regard to test scores.  What the schools on the list have in common is their recognition of the limitations of the SAT and ACT. 

    So, if you feel your test scores are low - you may want to consider some of these colleges as opportunities.  Go to  the following link and look up school s alphabetically or by state location and read their profiles and requirements:

    Placement Testing - how you perform here will determine what classes you can take...the classes you take will determine what colleges will or will not accept you - ALWAYS do your best, you never want to close a door of opportunity for the future by slacking off in the present

    Practice Testing - the practice testing is done during your high school career.  These test (such as the PSAT) are used to assess your progress, assist in choosing class level placement, and to provide practice for your official standardized testing needed for college.  These tests also allow for the opportunity to win scholarships and merit awards that can distinguish you as a strong college candidate.  Again, ALWAYS do your best!

    Official Standardized Testing - These tests will be used by colleges as a reference to your intellectual capabilities.  Comparing GPA's from a student at a small school in New York versus another applicant who is from a big school in California is sometimes difficult to assess based on each school's individual resources, curriculum, teachers, and more.  However, the official standardized test is universal and given to all students in the same form, in the same way - so the playing field is as equal as possible.

    The two main tests you will have to consider are the ACT and the SAT.  The ACT will involve English, Math, Science, Reading and writing.  The SAT will involve English and Math.  Colleges will accept either one and they also have a conversion chart that would estimate how you would have done on the other test (so they can compare you to other students who took the other test, if needed).  If you are very strong in English or Math, you may benefit from the SAT more than the ACT, considering the content covers 50% of the test as opposed to 25% on the ACT.  If you are a very strong in Science and Reading, the ACT may appeal to you more.  The opposite can work too - if you are struggling in Math, the SAT may not be for you (having 505% Math as opposed to 25% on the ACT).  Think of your strengths and weaknesses and choose your test from there.  You can even take both if you please and the colleges will ALWAYS take the highest of your scores. 

    To register for testing, send test results to colleges, or order copies, go to:
    ACT - www.act.org
    SAT - www.collegeboard.com

    ACT Register, plan and prep for the ACT test.
    AP Central Everything you need to know about AP testing - scheduling, preparation, workshops, ordering tests, etc.
     Fair Test FairTest finds that over 775 four-year colleges do not use the SAT I or ACT to admit substantial numbers of bachelor degree applicants. Find them here.
    Number 2 Number2.com's online test preparation courses for the ACT, SAT and GRE are totally free! By creating an account you can access a customized course that includes user-friendly tutorials, practice sessions that dynamically adapt to each student's ability level, a vocabulary builder, and more.
    Online Prep ACT/SAT The Web site contains a great number of in-depth questions and their answers for your practice, and progress report customized to help you with your test preparation.
    Princeton Review The Princeton Review provides quality test prep for the SAT/PSAT, ACT, AP tests, and graduate school tests as well (GRE, GMAT,LSAT,MCAT, TOEFL, and USMLE).


    The PSAT is a standardized test that provides firsthand practice for the SAT Reasoning Test™. It also gives you a chance to enter National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) scholarship programs.

    SAT  Register, plan and prep for the SAT test.
    Test Prep Find online assistance for almost every standardized test you can imagine and more.

    Test Prep (by state)

    COACH is your source for state-customized instructional materials for kids of every learning style. It’s so easy to differentiate instruction with our great books!

    (table courtesy of Counselor Utopia (www.counselorutopia.webs.com)

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