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  •  Ariana Whitaker

    TW Student, Ariana Whitaker, Wins Entrepreneurship Challenge

    Ariana Whitaker, a student from Thornwood High School, clinched the top spot in the NFTE Midwest Youth Entrepreneurship Competition. Her winning venture, DigiPlan, is an innovative app designed to boost productivity among students. By seamlessly integrating with their learning management system platforms, DigiPlan offers personalized schedules and incentivizes assignment completion through a rewards-based system. Click to read the full story.

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  •  Pardon Our Dust

    Thornwood and Thornridge High Schools Summer Closure for Renovations

    Thornwood High School in South Holland and Thornridge High School in Dolton are currently undergoing significant renovations during the summer months. Thornwood High School will receive new roofs, among other improvements, during the closure. Thornridge will also receive a new roof. The full school closures are necessary to ensure the safety of all involved as construction crews work on-site. Trespassing is prohibited.

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  •  Delyse

    Thornwood Alum Enters the Chicago Fashion Scene

    Kendyl Delyse Johnson, a senior fashion studies major, has established her brand "Delyse" specializing in avant-garde wearable art pieces made from chain-link materials. Her designs, featuring motifs like spider webs and butterflies, will be showcased in the "Beyond the Bias" fashion show in Chicago. Inspired by unconventional materials and avant-garde fashion, Johnson prioritizes confidence in her designs and aims to expand her brand's presence beyond Chicago, with aspirations to collaborate with creatives in New York and Los Angeles.

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  •  Community Survey

    Community Needs Survey

    Thornton Township High School District 205 is thrilled to announce our collaboration with the Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County (CEDA) to enhance support for the distinct needs of our community. CEDA is committed to comprehending and fulfilling the changing requirements of our region. An essential part of this endeavor is the Community Needs Assessment, which aids in pinpointing the primary areas where our community members require assistance. Your involvement in this assessment will directly shape the services and resources that will be tailored and provided. Please spare a few moments of your time to complete the survey by clicking on the "Community Needs Survey" above. Your input is immensely valuable and will ensure voices of our community are heard and acted upon. Thank you for dedicating your time to contribute to this crucial initiative. Together, we can significantly enhance the well-being and development of our community.

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  •  Maggie Butler

    Athletic Trainer Receives Surprise Recognition

    We're incredibly proud to celebrate Maggie Butler, our esteemed Athletic Trainer at Thornwood High School, for her outstanding dedication to making a difference both on and off the field! Her passion for fostering growth and excellence among our students shines brightly, and her commitment to their holistic development is truly inspiring. Maggie's relentless efforts have not only elevated our athletic programs but have also positively impacted countless lives within our community. This recognition is a testament to her unwavering commitment and tireless dedication. Congratulations, Maggie, on this well-deserved honor!

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  •  Stand Against Hate

    We Stand Against Hate

    Thornton Township High School District 205 is saddened by the impact and effect of the Israeli-Hamas war and its effect on our students, families, faculty, and staff. District 205 is a safe and inclusive community, and we unequivocal condemn any form of hate crime, discrimination, or bias. It is simply not tolerated within our schools or the communities we serve.

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  •  School Bus Alerts

    Stay Up-to-date with School Bus Alerts

    Daily bus service alerts are available online (click the link above), as well as in the Thornton Township High School District 205 app. Expect to receive text messages, phone calls, and emails announcing the current bus service alerts, such as delays, combined buses, and double-back situations. You can also call the hotline to listen to the current alerts - (708) 225-4007. The Hotline message is updated as bus alerts are received from First Student.

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  •  Free Tablet

    Free Tablet. Free Internet

    Thornton Township High School District 205 is participating in an exciting technology program which our students can receive a Free 10.1-inch-high-definition tablet and Free monthly internet service. You may qualify for a free tablet and internet service. Complete the application to secure your free device and internet service today!

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