• Foreign Language & ELL

    Foreign Language students and students learning English as a Second Language (E.S.L.) will acquire language skills and concepts which include listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammmar and culture.  Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are enhanced through the manipulation of grammar, translation, the acquisition of idiomatic expressions, and by comparing and contrasting languages.  The learning of these skills reinforces the Illionis State Goals for Language Arts.
    Sensory and aesthetic appreciation is developed through the study of literature, theater, music and art.  social perspective is further enhanced through the study of history and geography.  Enrichment opportunities beyond the classroom experience are provided.  Students develop social and technological skills which promote interaction, tolerance, and awareness of our global community.
    Students who continue to study at the advanced levels develop language proficiency taht increases their employment opportunties.  As effective communicators in a second language, students become more self-confident in their own language.
    The District 205 Foreign Language/E.S.L. Department follows the guidelines set forth by the State, universities, professional organizations and oral proficiency guidelines established by national organizations.

    Program Goals:
    1.  Understand how the learned skills of listening,
         speaking, writing, and reading are used in
         communicative activities.
    2.  Understand the relationship between the target
         and native language.
    3.  Appreciate the art/history/literature/culture of the
         target language.
    4.  Understand the need for global awareness and
         multi-cultural cooperation.