• Mathematics

    Mathematics is a language used to identify, describe, and investigate patterns and problems of everyday life.
    The District 205 Mathematics Program provides all students with the opportunity to become productive members of today's technological society.  Through the concepts of measurement, estimation, data analysis, geometric relations and algebra, the program develops mathermatical problem solving, computational and communication skills.  Lifelong learning, the making of mathematical connections and an appreciation for mathematics is promoted.  We use a dynamic, multi-faceted approach that includes use of the latest technology, manipulatives and remediation.
    The District 205 Mathematics Program follows the guidelines set forth by universities, the State of Illinois, professional organizations, the NCTM Standards and School District 205.

    Program Goals:
    1.    Number Concepts and Skills - Understand numbers.
    2.    Measurement - Extend the understanding of the process
           of measurement.
    3.    Algebraic Concepts and Skills - Know algebraic concepts
           and methods.
    4.    Geometric Concepts and Skills - Know geometric
           concepts and methods.
    5.    Data Collection and Analysis - Understand methods
           of data collection and analysis.
    6.    Mathematics as Problem Solving - Know problem-
           solving strategies.
    7.    Mathematics Connnections - Understand connections
           among mathematical topics and other disciplines.
    8.    Technology - Understand the uses of technological tools
           that facilitate mathematical learning.
    9.    Mathematics as Reasoning - Understand logical
    10.  Mathematics as Communication - Know mathematical
           language and symbolism.




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Last Modified on January 12, 2009