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    Name: Ms Metro
    Email Address: metro.katherine@district205.net
    Phone number: (708) 225-4775

    I am Ms Metro.  Thornwood Freshman Algebra I teacher.  Our curriculum reflects
    the Common Core State Standards of Mathematics(CCSSM).  We strongly encourage
    students to use the following practices in every math course.
    Standards of Mathematical Practice:
    1. Make Sense of Problems and Persevere in Solving Them
    2. Reason Abstractly and Quantitatively
    3. Construct Viable Arguements and Critique the Reasoning of Others
    4. Model with Mathematics
    5. Use Appropriate Tools Strategically
    6. Attend to Precision
    7. Look for and Make Use of Structure
    8. Look for Express Regularity in Repeated Reasoning
     Algebra I topics reflects the CCSSM content and is modeled after the Dana Center
    Traditional Pathways
    Introduction to Function Modeling
    Linear Functions and Modeling
    Equations/Inequalities of 1 Variable
     Equations /Inequalities of 2 variables
    Quadratic Functions and Modeling
    Quadratic Equations
    Descriptive Statistics

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Last Modified on December 5, 2014