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    In keeping with community, state, and national expectations, the District 205 Music Program shall provide the opportunity for all students to become active, focused, and disciplined learners through the study of music.  Students will experience and create elements of music that transcend printed words and musical notations.  Through the use of vocal and instrumental solos and ensembles, students will attain skills that are necessary for success in the world of work.
    These skills include:
    • developing a sense of commitment.
    • working cooperatively with others.
    • developing individual creativity.
    • strengthening mathematical concepts.
    • encouraging emotional awareness.
    • developing poise.
    • encouraging, developing, and reinforcing the value of self-discipline.

    Through music, students realize and appreciate the artistic and multicultural world that powerfully contributes to the social and spiritual dynamics of our educational community.

    Program Goals:
    1.  Become active learners through the study of music.
    2.  Understand how elements of music transcend words.
    3.  Appreciate a variety of musical styles.
    4.  Realize multicultural experiences through music.
    5.  Apply the discipline skills of music to the world of work.