• Technology Education 

    The Technology Education Program prepares all students for careers and continuing education in the following areas: management, industry, engineering, technical services, and construction.  Students develop critical thinking, effective communication, and team building skills for a rapidly changing technological world.  Students engage in academic and technical skills in an interdisciplinary, application based environment.  Through practice and application, students incorporate values and ethics acceptable to society and the world of work.  The Technology Education Program follows recommendations as set forth by the U.S. Secretary of Labor's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS), Illinois State Goals, South Suburban Career Development System (CDS), American Vocational Association and Illinois Industrial Technology Education Association.

    Program Goals:
    1.  Understand the concepts and principles that affect the aesthetic values
         of workmanship and quality.
    2.  Understand the interrelationship of communication skills needed for
         successful employment.
    3.  Know how to interact and assume responsibilities for productive citizenship.
    4.  Understand the social, economical, and environmental implications and applications
         of technology.
    5.  Use a variety of technological resources to enhance employability and the
         quality of life.
    6.  Know how ethical judgments about technology affect social issues.
    7.  Understand how choices relate to a safe and healthy lifestyle.
    8.  Know appropriate work habits that relate to the world of work.
    9.  Understand the relationship of individual characteristics, career opportunities,
         and the need for lifelong learning in a changing work environment.