• The Student Board meets once each month on the second Tuesday.  However, most work of the Student Board is accomplished via committee.


    Student Board

    Over the last few years the Thornton Township High School District 205 Board of Education took a bold and unprecedented action by approving the creation and development of a Student Board of Education Program.The Student Board of Education Program was initiated during the 2006-2007school year. At that time, students were selected by the principal via staff recommendation.  Over the course of the next two years, and under the leadership of Board President, Mr. Ray Banks, the Student Board’s role expanded and structure became more formalized. During the September 2007 meeting of the Board of Education the Student Board was officially charted and a District coordinator was assigned. 

    After the September 2007 Board of Education meeting,students from the original advisory group worked through the rest of the academic year to build the foundation of the organization. The students approved a comprehensive election code, fixed the number of representatives allowed for each building, approved an organizational mission and vision statement and passed the first budget resolution to fund operations for the following year. Students from the first board also conducted the first student body elections to select representatives for each building. All students in good academic and disciplinary standing are eligible to participate in the Student Board of Education Program. The Student Board is composed of students from each school in Thornton Township High School District 205.  Each member is popularly elected by the students at each school during the spring of each year and serves one year terms ending in May.


    The District 205 Student Board of Education is composed of three different schools from various communities.  The purpose of the Student Board of Education is to give students real-world exposure to board level policy making.  Students from each school are elected at large by their peers under the same laws, policies, and procedures as my counterparts on the adult Board of Education. With the title of Student Board being a member, we represent well over 5,000 students district wide.

    Vision Statement

    With humility, humbleness, and hard work the Student board of Education works to represent and serve our peers, schools, and community. By using our leadership skills, we work to ensure that all students receive a high quality and well-rounded high school experience.


    Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the Student Board of Education to use our leadership positions to represent the District 205 students, improve our schools, and give back to the community. We will do this by providing quality programs and acting as a sounding board to the Superintendent and Board of Education.