• Foundation Board of Trustees

    The Thornton Township High District 205 Academic Enrichment Foundation is managed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees meets once a month on the third Wednesday in the Superintendent’s Conference Room at District 205Administrative Headquarters. Members of the Board of Trustees are appointed to indefinite terms by the Board at large. The Board is lead by a chairman that chairs meetings and represents the Foundation at public events.

    The Foundation raises funds to underwrite enriching educational activities. Teachers and administrators may submit proposal for funding to the foundation. Proposals for funding can be found on this site my clicking on the link to the left "Funding Application" they should be signed by the submitting teacher and building principal to receive consideration. Also, proposals should be sent to District office care of Jerry Doss or Ellene Beard one week before the third Wednesday of the month.


    Members of the Board of Trustees

    Dr. John Sullivan - Foundation Chairman

    Art Bennett - Foundation Vice Chairman

    Board Of Education

    Dr. Stacey McJunkins - Interim Superintendent of Schools

    Ellene Beard -Secretary Treasurer

    Cindy Doorn - Nylen

    Dreina Lewis

    Rose McGill

    Sallie Penman

    Delta Walker
    Stacy Wright

    Jerry B. Doss - Executive Director


Last Modified on February 6, 2014