• Past Accomplishments


    Some of the many activities that have been funded or partially funded by the District 205 Academic Enrichment Foundation are listed below:

    Star Thornton High School - Stepping into Womanhood
    Star District Wide - Thornton Township Teaching & Learning Partnership Science Fair
    Star Thornwood High School - A Few Good Men Male Mentoring
    Star Thornton High School - Restorative Justice Peer Jury, Restorative Justice is a value-based approach to responding to wrongdoing and conflict, with a balanced focus on the person harmed, the person causing harm, and the affected community. 
    Star Thornridge High School - Black History Month Program “The Spoken Word Contest”
    Star Thornridge High School - Students Against Violence Everywhere (S.A.V.E.)
    Star District Wide - Navistar Awards
    Star District Wide - Family Reading Night
    Star United Nations Summer Leadership Academy
    Star Thornridge High School - Biology Bowl
    Star District Wide - Student Board of Education Schaumburg High School Student Exchange Program
    Star Thornwood High School - Contest of Champions National Cheerleading Competition
    Star Thornton High School - National Cheer Competition
    Star Thornridge High School - Reading Buddies, Harriet Tubman Elementary School
    Star District Wide - 25 Books Campaign
Last Modified on October 21, 2013