Substitute Teaching

  • Q. How do I get added to your substitute teacher list?
    A: If you would like to sub in District 205,  please make sure that you complete the steps listed below. 
    You will need to contact ISC 4  to schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted for a background check and to turn in the following documents:
    • Complete an online application here
    • Obtain authorization through the South Cook Intermediate Service Center. South Cook ISC is located at 253 West Joe Orr Road Chicago Heights, IL 60411.
    • $50 money order or cashier's check
    • University/ College Transcripts
    Once you have obtained your letter of authorization from ISC, contact Michele Powers at (708) 225-4043 to arrange to pick up additional paperwork. You must also bring your Driver's License and Social Security Card with you to your appointment (you must have both, no exceptions!). 
    Q: What qualifications or credentials do I need to become a Substitute Teacher for District 205?

    A: Applicants must possess a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, as well as a Substitute Teaching Certificate that has been issued by the Suburban Cook County Regional Office of Education. For more information on the certification process, please click here.

    Q: What is the rate of pay for Substitute Teachers?

    A: The daily rate of pay for substitutes is $100.00 per day. The rate of pay if you sub in the same classroom for an extended period is as follows.

    • Days 1-10          100.00
    • Days 11-20        105.00
    • Days 21+           252.60
    Q: Am I guaranteed an assignment every day?

    A: No, daily assignments are not guaranteed. You may be called for an assignment once a day, once a week, or even once a month. It depends on the needs of the District at that time.

    Q: Who do I contact if I have further questions or concerns?

    A: Please contact a Michele Powers at (708) 225-4043, or via email at