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    Can you really afford your dream ride! This group project will help you understand what is meant by the purchase price of a vehicle, and what are the actual operating costs. This lesson is one that will prepare you for the day that your are able to purchase your own ride (it may be a few years, but be patient).

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    The Task

    This journey down the road to driver's freedom will leave you with the tools and insights necessary to seek and obtain the ideal vehicle for you. You will choose 3 NEW  vehicles from 3 categories. You will figure price of each vehicle, the monthly payment for each vehicle, the yearly cost of vehicle insurance for each vehicle, and operating cost for vehicle of your choice.


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    This project will require Internet access. Therefore, during your STUDY HALL PERIOD you will need to go to the library to complete this assignment. You must get a pass from your study hall teacher before reporting to the library. When in the library, you will be required to WEAR YOUR ID and to follow library rules and procedures. You must sign in at the desk and identify yourself as a Driver Education Student. In addition to the Media Services Library, you may work on this project from any computer with Internet access.

    You will need the following items to complete this project:

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    The Process

    You are responsible for completing all four parts of CAN YOU AFFORD THE RIDE? by the end of the quarter. You must select one NEW car from each of the three price ranges listed below:

    $10,000 to $19,999

    $20,000 to $29,999

    $30,000 and up

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    1st Part -

    Decide on 3 NEW cars in the price ranges listed above. Copy and paste a picture and the Quick Facts of each car into a separate Microsoft Word document and save to a floppy disk. You may include any additional information about your car in your report.


    2nd Part -

    Calculate the following loan rates for your vehicles. You will have $1,000 for a down payment on your vehicle. Find the monthly payments for the following rates and months on the spreadsheet provided.

    6% at 24 months 36 months 48 months 60 months

    10% at 24 months 36 months 48 months 60 months

    Calculate the interest you paid for each of your loans by multiplying the number of months by the Monthly Payment (Total Payment) and subtracting the Total Amount financed from the Total Payment.


    # of months

    Total Payment

    X Monthly Payment

    -Total Amount Financed

    Total Payment

    Interest Paid

    Please click on template 

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    3rd Part -

    Find the cost of insurance for each car. You may find an insurance quote on the Internet at Quicken.com, or you may interview an actual insurance agent to find this information. Cite your choice for deductible and the amount of coverage you chose for each area (use average coverage). Because a citizen cannot insure him or herself until the age of eighteen, you will have to state your age as eighteen on any application in order to receive a quote.

    Please click here for template 


    4th Part -

    Select one of your cars and calculate what is it going to cost you to operate it?

    Base on driving 12,000 miles per year @ 20 Miles Per Gallon.

    1. How much will you spend on gas per year @ $1.50 per gallon?

    2. How much will your annual car license plates cost?

    3. How much will your annual city sticker cost?

    4. How much will maintenance cost per year?

    oil can
    Four Oil Changes

    One Tune Up

    One Tire Rotation

    One Radiator Flush and Refill

    5. How much will insurance cost per year?

    6. How much is your car payment per year? (multiply your monthly payment by 12)

    To calculate your yearly expenses, add the above categories.

    To calculate your monthly expenses, divide the above total by 12.


    Please click here for template

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    CAN YOU AFFORD THE RIDE? will be worth 82 points.


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    CAN YOU AFFORD THE RIDE? is a reality check. Your first car may not be your DREAM RIDE. Write a three paragraph response to: CAN YOU AFFORD THE RIDE?


    Your final project must include:

    • Title Page (in color)
      • Picture of RIDE
      • Teacher
      • Period
      • Your Name
      • Date
    • Three cars and Quick Facts
    • Loan Calculations
    • Insurance Quotes
    • Yearly operation expenses for your RIDE
    • Three paragraph essay

     Please click here to see the Evaluation Template



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