2015-16 Student Board Gallery

 May 12, 2015
 The 2014-15 Student Board members pass the torch to the newly elected Student Board members who were sworn into office at the induction ceremony held at Thornwood High School.
 October 10, 2015
 Student Board members visited the National Museum of Mexican Art and a mexican restaurant in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.
 September 26, 2015
 Student Board members visited a college fair held at Navy Pier. Students received information about potential schools and scholarships for their future.
 November 5, 2015
 Students from Schaumburg High School visit Thornton Township High School for the annual Student Exchange.
 November 5, 2015
 Student Board members and students from all 3 schools participated in a food tasting at Thornton Township High School.
 November 7, 2015
 The Student Board hosted a Jefferson Awards Workshop for other schools to participate in.
 November 21, 2015
 Student Board members collected canned goods from their school and the community to share with Catholic Charities in South Holland for the upcoming holiday season.
 April 24, 2016
 Student Board of EDucation hosts is 2nd Jefferson Awards Community Service Ceremony.
 Members of the 2015-16 Student Board of Education held there last meeting for the school year. The newly elected student board members were sworn in at the meeting to begin the 2016-17 school year.