Tuition Reimbursement

  • As a teacher in District 205, you are entitled to tuition reimbursement and educational credit for salary credit.  These are in Article Twenty-Six (p. 31) and Appendix B (p. 40) of the contract.  However, certain procedures must be followed.  

    Before you take a course and seek tuition reimbursement, please be sure to:

    • Submit a course approval form to the principal at least one week in advance of the first day the course is scheduled to meet.  (Keep a copy.)
    • Take a course that is graduate level or is in a Master’s Program.
    • Take a course (that has been approved by the superintendent) within a content area taught in the district, education administration, or an educational related area.
    • Earn an A or a B.
    • Submit to the superintendent a detailed receipt showing the tuition paid and an official transcript.

    Before you enter into a Master’s or Doctoral Program, please be sure to:

    • Submit an official, dated letter or certificate of acceptance into a Master’s degree or Doctoral program with the superintendent before taking any courses.
    • Turn in your first application form for tuition reimbursement (with the letter or certificate of acceptance into a Master’s or Doctoral program).
    • Still turn in a course approval form to your building principal (even though you are enrolled in a Master’s program).

    Note:  Course content and grade requirements (as stated above) still apply.

    Please refer to the contract for other details regarding courses for initial certification, removal of provisional deficiencies, teachers new to the district, teachers on leave, etc.

    If you give evidence of your Master’s or Doctor’s degree before the opening day of school, but before the beginning of the second semester, your salary adjustment will be made effective beginning the second semester.   

    As always, keep copies for your records.   If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department.