• Membership -  Emails were sent to the entire staff soliciting volunteers to serve on the STC.  Teacher membership is on a three-year cycle.  Consider getting involved the next time a vacancy is available!  Outgoing STC members may re-apply when their cycle is completed.

    Jacqueline Anderson

     James Drake

     Tiffany Ortberg

     Derek Augustynowicz

     Amy Edgerton       

     Corey Pegues           

     Brad Beilfuss  

     Paul Fritz

     Leah Pietraszewski

     Rob Bell

     Lisa Joseph

     Mike Skawinski

     Dan Biesiada

     Bill Meder

     Anthony Thomas

     Mike Davidson

     Cindy Morris

    Laura Willis-Moss

     Kelley Dixon

     Inita Norwood



               Melvina Norwood