TTHS Library Policies and Procedures

    Scheduling Classes

    1. All classes must be scheduled two days in advance, in person.

    2. Classes may be scheduled for up to two weeks (10 school days) into the future.

    3. No long-term or repetitious scheduling will be allowed. This measure is necessary to ensure that all staff members have an opportunity to access our services.

    4. Teachers are asked not to exceed three consecutive days of scheduling for each project.

    5. The computer assisted instruction areas in the library constitute an academic environment. The purpose is to assist students and teachers with research and project development relevant to stated course content and objectives. Activities not meeting this criteria should be carried out in alternative computer settings.

    6. If your class is scheduled to use the library and you are absent, your reservation will be canceled. Substitute teachers may not bring classes to the library, nor may they write passes to the library unless prior arrangements were made with a librarian.

    Printing/Copying in the Library

    1. Students' may only print academic work.

    2. No web pages may be printed. Information from the web must be pasted into a word processing document before printing.

    3. Students are limited to 5 pages of printing. Any exceptions must be authorized by a librarian before printing.

    4. PowerPoints and other graphical presentations should be printed in handout format.

    5. Color documents must be approved by a librarian before printing.

    6. The copy machine is accessible to students. However, copying should be supervised by the classroom teacher

    Passes to the Library

    1. The library adheres to the 10/10 rule for passes.

    2. Teachers are asked to call the library at extension 4173/4 to check for computer availability before sending students with passes. If we do not receive a phone call first, the student(s) will be asked to return to class.

    3. A phone call is only required for students needing a computer. Students not needing a computer may come directly to the library with a valid pass.

    4. A maximum of 5 students may come to the library with individual passes. Teachers needing to send more than 5 students must schedule time and accompany their students to the library.

    5. Teachers are asked to ensure that students coming to the library have an educational activity to engage in. Students that are off task will be asked to return to their class.

    6. If a student is asked to leave the library the teacher who issued the pass will be notified with the reason for removal.

    Library Conduct

    1. All board approved school rules will be enforced in the library.

    2. In particular, no student will be admitted while in possession of any book bag, hat or coat.

    3. All students should have their ID displayed around their neck upon entering the library.

    4. Students are not allowed to have any type of candy, food or drinks in the library. Teachers are asked to lead their classes through example while visiting the library.

    5. Teachers are expected to remain with and supervise their classes at all times while visiting the library. Please do not leave your assigned library area unsupervised.

    6. Teachers should assist in greeting/managing students as they enter the library.

    Lunch in the Library

    1. Students may come to the library instead of going to lunch.

    2. Students must arrive before the tardy bell and stay the entire lunch period.

    3. Students using the library during lunch may read or be engaged in individual study activities. Walk-in lunch students will not have access to computers*.

    *Students may sign up to use a computer during lunch by visiting the library before the start of third period.

    CP in the Library

    1. Students are expected to be with their classroom teachers during CP. Teachers may bring their students to the library during CP when a librarian is present. Teachers must remain in the library with their students during CP.

    Please contact us with any questions or concerns