• OA Vision & Mission Statement

  •  Outlook Academy

    Vision and Mission Statement

    The purpose of Outlook Academy is to empower those students who have struggled to achieve in a traditional educational setting the opportunity to excel in a non-traditional setting.  Thus, making success, competence, and confidence a reality. 

    Outlook Academy provides its students the opportunity and flexibility to learn in an environment more suited to their individual needs.  Students are provided with adjustable start and end times, a block schedule and Saturday tutoring options.  Each student has an individual academic plan that begins on their first day at Outlook and continues well past their completion date.   Outlook Academy, through the assistance of a dedicated veteran staff, makes education a priority for our students via individual learning pathways, academic direction and creation of ‘true’ college and career skills.

    Outlook Academy is designed to not only service students in need of high school credits but works on post high school plans with each individual student.   All students take and/or retake the SAT test as part of their individual academic plan.  All Outlook Academy students upon completion of their high school credits has an established post-Outlook plan in place that secures enrollment, enlistment and/or employment.