• Book I Unit

    Book I

    Finally, you're ready to start reading the book (if you haven't started already).

    Step 1: This forum will help you as you make your way through Book I. There are assigned discussion questions for you to answer as you make your way through the reading. SUBAKH UL KUHAR? BOOK I DISCUSSION

    Step 2: As soon as you finish reading the first 100 pages this quiz will be a quick check to see how much you remember. It's open book, but the quiz is timed. Don't take too long searching for the answers. Quiz: The First 100 Pages! 

    Step 3: Now that you've got a decent idea about what is happening it's time to report to the rest of the Known Universe to share the information: Imperial Newspaper Assignment

    Student Newspapers Page - I'll post student submissions here as they become available.

    Step 4: Let's see how well you can apply the wisdom of the readings to your own life: Book I Quote Reflections

    Step 5Great House Join Up!

    Step 6: Book I Quiz - Restricted: Not available until the activity The First 100 Pages! is marked complete.

    Step 7 (Optional): Risk your travel privledges and view a Guild Steersman: Guild Steersman Image

    Map of Arrakis - Click here to view a layout of the planet Arrakis.

    SparkNotes: Book I: Not a substitute for reading (I'll know the difference), but this resource will help you make sure you at least taken away some of the major points and character info in the book.