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    As you read...

    Step 1: Later on in the course it will be required for you to submit some longer written assignments. Before you do it's best that you access the Proper Formatting for Written Assignments Page. It should also be noted that you can't access some future links without having reviewed it.

    Step 2: It's time to get warmed up. Remember when you learned about how Science Fiction gave authors permission to write about existing issues without using real names, places or events (see Metaphor Lesson for more). Dune Pretest

    Step 3Pretest Forum

    Step 4: Start reading. As you read the novel you will have assignments that need to be completed as you read. It is important to keep up with these so you don't have to try to figure out everything at the end. Also, by working on these activities you will gain a deeper understanding of the events in the book.

    Hero's Journey Examples Assignment: This will prepare you to analyze events in the novel.

    Book Prediction: You'll want to start this one before you start reading.

    Essential Questions: These are questions to consider as you read that tie everything together.

    Study Guide Questions

    Paul's Hero's Journey Assignment

    Note Taking Assignment: Not required but may be helpful if you are confused.

    Course Pacing- Use this as a guideline to keep up with the Readings


    Terminology of the Imperium-Glossary of Terms in the book: This is a list of some of the more complicated words in the book. These words are a collection taken from the glossary at the back of the book. In some cases it might be helpful for you to use this glossary instead. This is also tied to the Random Glossary Entry block that you see each time you log in to the course.