• Post-Reading Unit

    Step 1: If you are reading this it means that you've finished reading the book and have completed the required activities for each section...But wait, there's more! (Seriously, you should be done with everything in the previous units before you submit this assignment.)

    Step 2: This form will basically guide you through the Brook Review or in writing a Literary Criticism. Book Review/Literary Criticism Assignment (You have a choice as to which one you complete. Choose wisely.)

    Step 3: It's important to reflect upon what you've read so I can see how well you've understood the reading and the connections we're making to the real world. Reaction Paper Assignment

    Step 4: Sure the book was written in the 1960s but it can still certainly help us understand some of the current unrest and environmental issues we face globally. Current Events! Assignment

    Step 5: Remember that Pre-Test Activity you did a while back? We're going to revisit some of those questions with a slight twist: Post-Test Assignment

    Step 5.5: Share some of your insights: Post-test Forum

    Step 6Research Paper Project (Ok, well, maybe not so much research because I've found all of your resources for you, but this should give you a chance to choose a particular aspect of the book upon which to flex your intellectual muscle.)

    Extra Credit: Dune in Film Assignment (not required). There are a couple of film versions of the book. Perhaps you've watched them over the course of reading the book. Maybe you tried to watch them instead of reading the book (I'm guessing that wouldn't have worked out too well for you.) In case you're interested and need a little bump in your grade this could help.