• The Thornridge High School program of library services is designed to assist learners to grow in their ability to find, generate, evaluate, and apply information that helps them to function effectively as individuals and to participate fully in society.  Through the use of the media, a student acquires and strengthens skills in reading, observing, listening and communicating ideas.  The learner interacts with others, masters knowledge as well as skills, develops a spirit of inquiry, and achieves greater self-motivation, discipline, and capacity for self-evaluation.  In essence, the library program exists to further the purpose formulated by the school and the district of which it is an integral part.
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    A basic component of the Thornridge Library program is the human interchange among the library staff, administrative staff, teachers and students.  Library staff members help students and teachers with their utilization of the media to achieve learning goals, and also anticipate their needs by developing materials, programs and services which may be useful.  This requires communication and planning among the members of the teaching and learning team.  In all curriculum areas, teachers and students seek information at appropriate levels and in suitable formats.  Library professionals endeavor to work with teachers to develop and implement curriculum design.  They encourage students to explore, on their own or in small or large groups, areas of interest which have been inspired either by the curriculum or by personal experiences.
Last Modified on August 30, 2023