• fyi--profanity is used as a motivational tool in this video



    Welcome to our Digital Book talk on David Goggins autobiography, Can't Hurt Me.  The intention of this page is to give you spaces and places to explore more deeply the core concepts of this tranformation into becoming a more disciplined version of yourself. Several assignments will be listed.  You can choose to do as many as you like for credit added to your Civil Air Patrol course.  Every completed assignment must be posted in two places: your google classroom account with Major Curtis and brucki.patricia@district205.net. Read/ listen to the book.  Watch several of his videos.  Do the assignments and begin your own journey to becoming a savage of your own dreams.


    PDF of Can't Hurt Me

    Audio of Can't Hurt Me


    Contact David Goggins on twitter @davidgoggins 



    Videos of David Goggins


    Click the link below for a summary of the motivational ideas in the book.



    Assignment choices (more will come): 

    1. Create your own version of a David Goggins-like motiovational video staring you.  Running time must be 2-4 minutes.

    2. Focus on one of his chapter challenges. Draw a poster advertising it. Use color, phrases, content, magazine clippings or anything else you have available. Take a photo of the poster and post to instructors.  Hang poster where you sleep.

    3. Create a six week workout plan for your self.  Write it out.  Make a calendar.  Begin to follow it.  Journal your progress.  Measure yourself at the beginning/middle/ and end/beginning of your next goal. Examples of measurements can be how many pushups you can do without stopping/how long it takes your to run a mile/how many pull ups/

     4. Create a powerpoint journal reflection of the reading. Be sure to include quotes or events that are significant to you and why.  Must be 15-20 slides.