2020-2021 Registration Information

  • This page is dedicated to providing each and every District 205 parent with all the information and tools that they need to complete their child’s 2020-2021 school registration! Registration information for Thornwood, Thornridge, and Thornton is listed here as well as the contact information for you to gather any additional information or ask any questions that you have regarding this process! We here at District 205 are committed to ensure that our students receive an outstanding education no matter the circumstances! Any changes to the registration process at any school will be posted here so be sure to periodically check this webpage for any and all updates!

    Attention Parents: 

    **Registration is free until July 24th**

    Most of the registration process for District 205 can be completed online for the majority of our students and families. You may still need to bring in some physical documents such as an 8th Grade Diploma or Birth Certificate for new students.

    If you do not know your student’s ID number, you can email or call the following staff member(s). Please, include student name, date of birth, and address in your email. 

    Register online here: https://district205-cas.hosted.src-solutions.com/cas_ThorntonTwp205IL/login

    • Thornton
      • Deondra Brown
        • Email: brown.deondra@district205.net
        • Phone:708-225-4218
      • Deonte Hood    
        • Email: hood.deonte@district205.net
        • Phone:708-225-4120
    • Thornridge
    • Thornwood
      • Mr. Scott Stessl:
        • Email: stessl.scott@district205.net 
    • The Online Registration username is your student’s Student ID Number

    • The Online Registration password is your student’s Date of Birth in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy

      For example: May 9th, 2003 must be entered as 05/09/2003

    *The 2020-2021 Registration Schedule for each District 205 school will be provided soon*

    Atención Padres:

    La mayor parte de registración para el Distrito 205 se puede completar en la red para la mayoría de nuestros estudiantes y familias. Es posible que aún necesite traer algunos documentos físicos, como el diploma de octavo grado o el certificado de nacimiento para los nuevos estudiantes.

    • El nombre de usuario de registro en la red es el número de identificación de estudiante de su estudiante
    • La contraseña de registro en la red es la fecha de nacimiento de su estudiante en el siguiente formato: mm / dd / aaaa

    Por ejemplo: el 9 de mayo de 2003 debe ingresarse como 05/09/2003

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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.