Tips for Remote Learning Success!

  • We know that you are experiencing transitions in your learning right now, and we are proud as a school community of the way you have adapted during these times. As we prepare for the last month of remote learning, we want to encourage our students, and families to continue to engage in instruction every day.  

    Here are some ways to settle into a routine for academic work:
    • Stay Organized
      You may notice that your organization needs to change at home. If you are finding that you are doing more of your schoolwork on an electronic device than you used to, it may be easier to keep things organized in a digital notebook. 
    • Use a Calendar
      Tracking the due dates of your assignments will help too. You have a calendar built into Schoology. 
    • Avoid Multitasking
      You will retain more knowledge if you give your full attention to the schoolwork in front of you. You will also find that you complete your assignments much more quickly if you aren’t trying to do two things at once. 
    • Take Breaks
      If you have a set of tasks to complete, try to give yourself 5- to 10-minute breaks every hour. 
    • Make the Most of Online Class Sessions During the School Day
      No matter which platform your school is using, make sure you close distracting tabs, apps, and notifications on your computer, and set your phone to Do Not Disturb.
    • Create a Schedule
      Creating a daily schedule can help you stay motivated to do your schoolwork, keep you engaged in your hobbies, and help you connect with the people in your life. 
    • Recreate Your Normal Study Routines
      Think about how you normally do your schoolwork and try to recreate your normal study habits as much as possible.
    • Connect with Friends and Loved Ones
      There are lots of ways to stay connected with the people in your life, so be creative!