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    School Social Workers are a vital part of the educational team.  We work together along  with administrators, teachers, deans, counselors, psychologists, nurses, speech and language pathologists and other staff to support students academic and social emotional development, and to promote a safe school environment.  

    We work as a team to identify factors that can make school a more successful experience for students.We help to increase their level of self understanding and self appreciation, along with developing more coping strategies and decision making skills.  

    School Social Workers help support parents through advocacy and education.  We help  parents to better understand their students’ social and emotional needs and how to best support their development.  We ensure parents are knowledgeable regarding programs available for students with special needs.  Additionally, school social workers help parents access and utilize school and community resources effectively.

    TR School Social Workers Are Here For You!

    Feel free to contact us for any concerns or questions!  

    Have a great and healthy year! 


    Thornridge High School Social Workers:

    Kimberley Blackwell, MA, LCSW                                                        


    (331) 318-0203

    Room: C102A


    Sherri Swansey, LCSW, ACSW


    (815) 450-9974

    Room:  B117


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