• Pursuant to the Illinois School Code, Thornton Township High School District 205 intends on adopting an e-learning program that could be used on school days if severe weather or an emergency situation would otherwise prompt the closing of schools.  The District’s proposed program, as set forth in substantial part below, has already been vetted by the South Cook Intermediate Service Center (Regional Office of Education).   

    During an e-learning day, students and staff will not be required to travel to school.  The students will complete classwork and receive instruction electronically via the Google Classroom platform, using their district-provided Chromebook or other electronic devices.  The e-learning program attempts to address and meet the specific needs of all students, including special education students and English language learners, and strives to ensure that all State requirements are being met by using the Google Classroom platform that was similarly used during the COVID-19 shutdown throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

    Below is a breakdown of how an e-learning day would work:

    • Families will be notified through phone calls, emails, and website/social media announcements when an e-learning day will be used;
    • Teachers will provide asynchronous instruction through Google Classroom during all e-learning days;
    • Asynchronous assignments will be promptly posted in the Google Classroom platform;
    • During the instructional day (i.e. during the District’s traditional school day bell schedule), teachers will make themselves virtually available to students via email, the Google Classroom platform and/or any comparable means of virtual communication;
    • Each student participating in an e-learning day will receive at least 5 clock hours of instruction or school work;
    • Due to possible technology or internet issues at home (including lack of access due to inclement weather), students will have an opportunity for up to 3 school days after school resumes in-person to submit their e-learning assignments; and
    • Students will be marked absent in PowerSchool by their teachers if they do not timely complete their e-learning assignments.

    The e-learning program is a unique way to keep education moving forward while also keeping our students and staff safe during times of inclement weather or other emergency.

    At its October 13, 2021 meeting (6:30 p.m. start time), the Board of Education will hold a public hearing on its plans to implement the above e-learning program.  At this hearing, the terms of the proposal will be substantially presented by the Administration and an opportunity for public comments will be provided.

    Thank you for your continued support as the District seeks to implement new and innovative programs to best serve our students and families.

    Please email or call a school administrator if you have questions about the e-learning day program.

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