• District 205 & Schaumburg High School Student Exchange 2011

    In an effort to build bridges between students and communities, a budding partnership has been built between District 205 and Schaumburg High School students since 2009.  This partnership—the District 205 & Schaumburg Student Exchange--allows students and staff to come together and visit both districts during a one-day exchange experiences.   The exchange not only fosters diversity, but it also identifies common ground between the schools, programs, students and staff.
    During each visit students have a chance to interact with their peers by shadowing classes, conductingbuilding tours and attending leadership/team-building sessions.  Students share, learn and reflect on their experiences, and then report back to their peers at their respective school. Teachers also benefit from the opportunity by bonding with colleagues from a different school and sharing teaching best practices. 

    On November 28th Schaumburg High School visited Thornton Township High School. Please enjoy the photos from the event.

    On December 5th District 205 students visited Schaumburg High School. Enjoy photos from the event.

Last Modified on December 6, 2011