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  • Welcome to the Thornton Speech Team
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    The Thornton Speech Team has a tradition of professionalism, excellence, and a strong work ethic.  As a team member, you are expected to follow these expectations in order to have a successful school year and continue the tradition.

    -Speech Team is a competitive activity just like a sports team.  If you do not put in the work, you will not be successful.    

    -We follow IHSA rules as well as the Thornton rules and policies for extra-curricular activities.  This means that all members are expected to maintain your behavior in the building throughout the school day and after school.    

    -You are also expected to maintain your GPA.  You must be passing a minimum of five out of six classes to participate regularly.  Regular grade checks will take place.  Academics come first!  Be sure to make sure you are attending CP and ARC if necessary. 

    -Communication is the key!  This is a communication activity.  If you do not communicate with the coaches, you will be in danger of not competing or being a part of the team. 

    -Practice is important in order to be successful on the team.  All practice time should be coordinated with your coach.  Be sure to be in the proper location for your scheduled practice.  In addition, be prepared to practice.  Coaches have many students to work with and if a coach has asked you to be memorized or practice for your session, be sure to take the time to be prepared so that practice time is not wasted. 

    -Students at no time should leave the building after school and come back for practice.  Students are required to stay in the building until finished with their practice sessions.

    -There are several specific situations that may result in not being able to compete at a competition, temporarily being suspended from the team, or being permanently suspended and removed from the Thornton Speech Team listed below: 

    • If you do not show and do not communicate with your coach regarding practice times.
    • If you are absent from school when you are scheduled for a practice, you must communicate with your coach by sending an email or calling. This communication must be sent before the practice as soon as possible.  If you fail to do so, this counts as an unexcused practice session.
    • Students should not be wandering in the hallways after school. If you are caught wandering the halls and not being productive or if your coach has told you to go home and you are still around the building unnecessarily.

    -The Little Theatre is Ground Zero for the Speech team.  If you need to wait for your coach to arrive, come directly to the Little Theatre (Room 108)

    -Be sure to attend brief team meetings on Monday.  These will be held in the Auditorium or Little Theatre (Room 108)

    -Competitions are held on Saturday.  The competition schedule and check in times will be listed on the Thornton Speech Team page.  Students are expected to enter Thornton through Door 16 on Saturday mornings.  If you are not competing that week, you are still expected to attend the tournament.  If there is a tournament you cannot attend, you must let Ms. Woj or Mr. Ablin know as soon as possible or by the Monday before the competition.

    -If you are unable to attend the tournament due to illness the morning of, you need to call the following number-708-225-4194 or use the Remind App.  If you fail to do so, you may be cut from the team.  Communication is key!

    -Students are expected to dress professionally for all tournaments whether you are competing or not.  Professional dress should be a suit for both men and women.  The color should be neutral such as black, blue, or dark grey.  Women should wear a skirt (with nylons) or dress pants if in an event with a lot of movement.  Women should have reasonable shoes with a small heel closed toe. Men should wear a tie in addition to their dress shirt and dress shoes. Hair should be out of the face.

    - Students are expected to be professional and respectful at all times during the tournament. Misbehavior and disrespect will not be tolerated and could be cause for removal from the team or a write up upon return to Thornton.  Students are also expected to remain in the school the entire time until the end of the awards ceremony.  If you do need to leave early for any reason, only a parent or guardian can pick you up from the tournament.  They must come into the school and speak to one of the coaches directly.   

    -This year we will be hosting one tournament.  All team members will be needed to help set up before the tournament.  More info will be provided as the tournament date gets closer.

    -Communication is the key.  Coaches are always available for help and questions in school.  Please do not disturb us during class but feel free to email or stop by before or after school. 

    -We are all here for a common goal which is to have a fun and successful year!  Let’s work together and make this a team to be reckoned with!

    Email is the best form of communication for all the main coaches:


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