• Family & Consumer Sciences


    Family and Consumer Sciences Education prepares all students to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed for living in a diverse global society.  Students will prepare for family and careers by applying decision-making skills in personal and human development through real-life situations.  They will engage in nutrition and wellness activities through laboratory and work-site experiences.  They will learn to use a variety of resources and technology to become effective consumers and responsible citizens.  These enrichment opportunities will enhance their personal, family, and career roles.

    Program Goals:
    1.  Personal Development
         Understand decision-making skills to promote physical, intellectual, emotional,
         and social wellness.
    2.  Nutrition and Wellness
         Understand the importance of good nutrition throughout the life cycle.
    3.  Resource and Technology (FCCLA)
         Use a variety of resources and technological advances to enhance the quality
         of life, achieve personal goals, and advance career choices.
    4.  Family Relations
         Nurture human development in the family throughout the life cycle.
    5.  Parenting
         Value responsibility for personal growth within the parenting role.
    6.  Life Planning
         Coordinate personal and career responsibilities for the well-being of self
         and others.