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    Student Health Services

    Dorene Habecker

                Name: Dorene Habecker                                          
                Email Address: Habecker.Dorene@district205.net
                Phone Numbers: 708-225-4178/4179
                Fax Number:  708-225-4060                                 

    Thornton Township High School
    Health Service Department

    The Thornton Township High School Health Service Department provides an environment that promotes the well-being, academic success, and lifelong achievement of our students.
    Our School Nurses:
    • facilitate positive student responses to normal development
    • promote health and safety
    • intervene with actual and potential health problems
    • provide case management services as needed
    • Nurses:                           Dorene Habecker
                                              Melissa Graham
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    Sick Day Guidelines 

    Emergency Services

    Medical Records
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    Medication Form
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    The primary responsibility for the health of each child ultimately rests with the parent/guardian. The role of the health service is to supplement the efforts of the parents and/or guardians.

    The Thornton Township High School Health Services are performed in accordance with standards of professional school nurse best practice, district and state board of education policies and procedures, Pupil and Personnel Services Recommended Practices and Procedures for School Nursing, and Illinois State laws that regulate nursing practice.

    “You cannot educate a child who is not healthy, and you cannot keep a child healthy who is not educated.”

    -Jocelyn Elders, MD-former Surgeon General
Last Modified on November 24, 2014