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    Black History Resources

    Here are some resources one might utilize in further investigating significant people and events in African American History.
    Teachers might:
    • Sign up to bring classes to the library to provide students an opportunity to explore any or all of these resources
      • Students might be assigned individually or in groups to explore one of the resources and then be asked to lead an oral discussion about the highlights or special characteristics of the site.  This could be done with the use of a data projector and laptop whereby the students actually display and discuss various aspects of the site they explored in the classroom.
      • Students might be assigned to explore one of the sites and be asked to write a summary or essay emphasizing and evaluating some of the most impressive characteristics to be found on the site.
    • Teachers might utilize a data projector and computer in order to lead classes in guided exploration of any of the sites. 
      • Perhaps one might highlight a particular aspect of African American History such as political figures, athletes and entertainers, legislation, the civil rights movement, etc.  and engage students in discussion of such people and events or assign them to provide written feedback in the form of paragraphs or essays.
      • One might try to focus on particular African Americans as they relate to the subject matter in the class, such as scientists, mathematicians, writers, historical figures, etc. and develop some kind of feedback/response assignment designed to get students to delve deeper into the relationship of African American History and the subject matter they are learning in class.
    These are just a few ideas about how to integrate these resources into the curriculum.  We will be happy to share other successful strategies utilized by our teachers and students.

    These links are by no means comprehensive.  If you find others that ought to be included here, please let us know and we can add them.
    America in Mourning After MLK's Shocking Assassination

    Black History
    This site is a product of the History Channel.  It includes time lines, media, biographies, historical interpretations and even a tour of the famous Apollo Theater.  One might find this site overwhelming with activities, but there is more than enough here to keep one occupied for hours.

    Though not as visually stimulating as the "commercial" History Channel site , the InfoPlease site has a wealth of information accessible from very clearly well organized links.

    The Library of Congress has created an African American History Month resource that is worthy of the greatest library in the world.  The information within contains many authentic and primary sources.  This is not necessarily and easy site to navigate, but with some focus and concentration one would be able to find amazingly rich kernels of information.
    This site takes a while to load, but is well worth the wait.

    This is a link to a very interesting Virtual tour of objects which are thematically linked to African American History.  Engaging in this multi-media site is like actually going to the museum.

    nps  Believe it or not, the National Park Service has a lot to offer the on line participant.  There are historical schools, churches, courtrooms, parks and, of course people represented in the interactive multi-media site.

    This national Endowment for the Humanities site is rich with all the Humanities encompasses: Art Literature, Music and History.  There is an obvious effort on the part of NEH to provide lessons which will support the teacher's decision to actively pursue investigation in African American History.  Dozens of detailed lesson plans are included here.

    BlackNews.com    Listings of African American history museums, organizations and publications.
    Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
    This Detroit museum contains many personal photographs and albums that may be of interest to viewers with curiosity toward the more personal side of the African American individuals and families.

    Many of these sites have audio and will be better experienced with headphones.  One might recommend that students bring their own headphones to the library when they engage in this activity.



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