• Acceptable User Policy (AUP)


    Thornton Township High Schools District 205 provides computers and Internet access as one of the ways to advance its mission that the "school community will create an environment where every student can learn."  Technology, which includes computers, networks, and the Internet, has become part of that environment.  Use of the district's technology must be in support of education, research, career, and professional development.  The purpose of this policy is to ensure that those using the district's information resources will do so in accordance with District 205's mission, educational goals, and the policy and regulations established by the board, administration, regional, state and/or federal agencies.

    Use of the network for commercial or for-profit activities, political lobbying or illegal purposes is prohibited.

    Transmission of material in violation of any state or federal regulation is prohibited. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted materials, and materials protected by trade secrets.

    The Internet provides access to information on computer networks worldwide.  Each user on the network is required to recognize his/her responsibility in having access to an immense number of sites, systems, services, and people.  Users may find Internet sites that contain material that is objectionable, adult-oriented, or otherwise inappropriate.  The user is responsible for his/her actions and may not access, download, or print from these sites.  Parents and guardians must consider this in deciding whether to permit their children to access the Internet.

    District 205 takes no responsibility for any information or materials that are transferred through the Internet. Furthermore, District 205 makes no guarantees regarding the reliability of the data connection.  The district is not liable for any loss of corruption of data resulting from using a computer and/or Internet connection.

    District 205 reserves the right to examine all data stored in the machines involved in the Internet link to insure that users are in compliance with these regulations.

    Violation of this policy, abuse of the network, and/or illegal conduct including any form of vandalism to equipment or information, uploading or creation of computer viruses, and unauthorized access to files of other users, will result in disciplinary action including suspension or revocation of access privileges, possible suspension/expulsion from school, and/or appropriate legal action.

    The actions of users accessing the networks through District 205 are reflected in the School District.  Users must conduct themselves accordingly by exercising good judgment and complying with this policy and any other administrative regulations and guidelines.  Access to the Internet is a privilege, not a right, which requires that each user acts in an appropriate manner.

    District 205 staff will determine what is appropriate use, and their decision is final.  Staff may request the system administrator to deny, revoke, or suspend specific user accounts.


    1.    Only authorized users, students who have signed Acceptable Use Policy agreements on file, and who have indications of this on their school ID, may use the computers and the network.  Students who do not have parental/guardian authorization to use the Internet may not team up with those students that do.

    2.    When using the school's computers or accessing the network, students will:

    • Respect the right of others suing the network

    • Use the Internet only for educational purposes related to the curriculum

    • Use appropriate language (not obscenities, vulgarities, threats, harassment, or discriminatory remarks)

    • Keep personal information, addresses, phone numbers private

    • Respect and uphold copyright laws

    3.    Students may not:

    • Misrepresent identity or affiliation

    • Use the network to disrupt the use of the network by others

    • Damage or attempt to destroy hardware/software, data, or files of other users

    • Access, download, and or create pornographic or obscene material

    • Gain unauthorized access to resources or files

    • Upload or create computer viruses


Last Modified on August 30, 2023