Counseling Department

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    Counseling Mission Statement
    Thornridge High School counselors will provide a comprehensive program that assists students with acquiring skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, and life-long learners. 
    A comprehensive developmental school counseling program is an essential part of the total education program in our school and reflects a sequential learning process.  This program is designed to support and influence students to meet or exceed their academic potential, enhance their personal and social growth, and develop an understanding of their post secondary and career options.
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    The Guidance Department works cohesively, professionally, responsibly and ethically to advocate the best interests of our students for their future success. 
    The department works in conjunction with parents, faculty, staff, post-secondary institutions, and outside agencies to create resources, support structures, and opportunities to improve student success and personal potential. 
    Through our consistent, prompt and collaborative efforts we push our students to develop strong character, discipline, leadership, critical and analytical thinking skills, academic and social skills, and integrity. 
    We will always emphasize diversity in a student-centered environment based on equality. 
    We listen to our students and empower them to make quality life decisions in pursuit of their education, careers and personal goals – developing them into life-long learners.
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    Opportunities to Check Your Student’s Progress

    • SEMESTER 1 (check school calendar for specific dates)
    •Semester 1 Status letter from counselor mailed home
    •Semester 1 Back to School Night
    •Semester 1 Parent-Teacher Conferences
    •Semester 1 Senior Parent Night (if a senior)

    • SEMESTER 2 (check school calendar for specific dates)
    •Semester 2 Status letter from counselor mailed home
    •Semester 2 Parent-Teacher Conferences
    •Semester 2 Financial Aid Night (if a senior)
    •Semester 2 Sophomore/Junior Parent Night
    •Log in to your Power School account (ask the counselor if you do not have your username and password)
    Email teachers, dean, counselor
    Call teachers, dean, counselor

     (Email and phone numbers can be found on the website under “Parent Info” then “Thornridge High School Directory”)

    •Ensure your phone number is correct in Power School
    •Ensure your email is on Power School – if you do not have one, please make an account ASAP
    •Ensure your address is correct in Power School
    •To submit or update any of the above information please contact Mrs. English at 708-271-4440
    •Check your answering machine for missed robo-calls
    Visit our website for information and updates
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