• High School Diploma Options  

    All seniors who do not make their May graduation WILL be enrolled for Outlook Academy, however it is the responsibility of the student/family to complete the enrollment (by signing the application) and actively attending the orientation and eventual classes.
    - If you choose an alternative route (not recommended), understand that a District 205 diploma is NOT awarded
    - The list below are alternative options that have been utilized in the past by previous students (these are independent companies)
    - Some programs are free, others have costs. The list is provided as a lead for your own research.  Any costs required by a program of your choosing will be your responsibility. 
    American School                                                     - online diploma
    BYU (Brigham Young University)                       - online diploma
    Cambridge Academy Charter School              - online diploma
    CEDA                                                                            - diploma or GED, on campus
    Chicago Virtual Charter School                         - online diploma (Chicago residents)
    CompuHIGH                                                              - online diploma
    Job Corps                                                                   - GED or diploma, on campus
    K12.com                                                                      - online diploma
    Lincoln's Challenge                                                 - GED on campus
    Magic Johnson Bridgescape                                 - diploma, on campus
    Morainne Valley                                                      - GED test 
    Olive Harvey Middle College                                - diploma, on campus
    Ombudsman                                                               - diploma, on campus
    Satellite High School                                             - mail correspondence diploma
    South Suburban College                                         - GED on campus
    Truman Middle College                                           - diploma, on campus
    Youth Connection Charter School                        - online diploma (Chicago residents)


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