4 Year Planning

    The following is a breakdown of what your focus should be for each of your four years at Thornridge:
    • Study skills: learn how to study for your classes, improve note-taking, do homework, etc.
    • Time management: organize your routine for getting things done (school and home)
    • Prioritize: know when things are due (deadlines) and know what it is most important/urgent
    • Senior project: begin your responsibilities
    • Get involved: those involved in school activities tend to be more successful academically
    • Motivation: Focus on how to self-motivate to continue your efforts and persistence
    • Career Plan: Begin thinking about a career choice, choose electives accordingly
    • Self Analysis: know your GPA, grades, log what you do, keep to a calendar, etc.
    • Self-Discipline: in your actions, mannerisms, work ethic, etc.
    • Summer Programs: consider summer activities to build your resume and experience
    • Typical Classes: English I, Algebra I, Biology, Ancient World History, PE I/Health, Elective, Elective
    Baby Falcon SOPHOMORE YEAR (continue above, plus...)
    • College Research: know the requirements to get in your choice of college and get/stay on track
    • Career/College Fair Visits: get deeper into exploring these areas firsthand, follow what you enjoy and are passionate about
    • Recovery Needs: take care of any recovery needs to stay on track for graduation
    • Leadership Opportunities: find ways to develop your leadership skills
    • Volunteer: find ways to get involved in the community, gain experience, boost your resume
    • Half Cap Ceremony: stay on track with graduation and participate in the Half Cap ceremony
    • Typical Classes: English II, Geometry, Chemistry, Economics/Speech, PE II, Elective, Elective
    FalconJUNIOR YEAR (continue above, plus...)
    • PSAE/ACT Preparation: help raise your testing scores by prepping for the test, it helps your college application
    • College Research: begin narrowing down your choices that best fit your needs/liking
    • College Scholarship Search: begin gathering scholarships you would qualify for in a binder, to have ready to apply for next year
    • Constitution Test: prep for the constitution test you will take in US History (required to pass)
    • Teacher Connections: build relationships with teachers, they will be your writing your recommendations for college applications and scholarships!
    • Credentials: remember this is your last year to improve your GPA, and add activities to your resume for your application (which is submitted next Fall)!
    • Typical Classes: English III, Algebra 2, Physics, US History, PE III, Elective
    Super HeroSENIOR YEAR (continue above, plus...)
    • College Applications: begin completing applications, go over essays with a teacher if needed
    • Scholarship Applications: begin completing applications, go over essays
    • Complete Senior Project: ensure all is completed and submitted
    • Financial Aid/FAFSA: complete the FAFSA for federal financial aid, this is required 
    • ACT: enroll for ACT in the Fall if you missed PSAE/ACT last year
    • PSAE: enroll for PSAE in Spring if you missed PSAE last year
    • Maintain Grades: colleges can revoke an acceptance if grades are not maintained!!!!
    • Final Transcript: fill out form to send your final transcript to your final choice for college
    • Give Back: use your leadership to improve school programs and activities before you leave!
    • Typical Classes: English IV, 4th Math, PE IV, Elective, Elective, Elective


    Regarding Classes you can take - view our Curriculum Handbook!

Last Modified on October 2, 2017