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    Thornton Township Youth Committee
    The Thornton Township Youth Committee is a community based social service organization dedicated to the youth and families of Thornton Township. The primary focus is to provide youth and families with the interventions, opportunities and skills necessary to expand their possibilities through Counseling and Youth Development services such as counseling, crisis intervention, group counseling, and after school programs.

    Thornton Township Infant Care Center (for Teen Parent)
    Your infant/toddler will have an excellent learning experience while you attend school.  You can be earning your high school diploma while your infant/toddler is being taken care of by certified staff of District 205.  This is also a DCFS licensed Day Care Center.  Bus service for you and your child to and from your home school is provided. The Infant Care Center is designed to help children develop a positive self-image within an environment that encourages physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth.
    • Provide day care services for teen parents prsuing their high school education and graduate
    • Promote healthy development of the infant/toddlers
    • Promote parenting skills and parent/child relationships
    • Network with agencies providing services to teenage parents
    • Discourage repeat pregnancies
    • Must be a student at Thornridge, Thornton, ot Thornwood HS
    • Must have good attendance
    • Child must be 6 weeks to 4 years of age, or student pregnant
    If interested, please fill out the Infant Care Center Application and mail/deliver it to Mary Kay Lepore at Thornton High School.  Print out an Infant Care Center Info Flyer for your reference, or share it with a friend!
    Contact: Ms. Mary Kay Lepore at 708-225-4118, or Ms. Jane Colter (708-225-4036)

    girls with a bump

    This program is for girls 14-17, either pregnant, or caring for one child, who would like assistance to stay on track with their education, hold off on additional pregnancies until their education is complete, and learn to manage their responsibilities while attacking their lifelong goals.  Click here to see the flyer with full contact information.

    Family Centered Educational Agency
    Since 1997, the Family Centered Educational Agency has served thousands of community residents annually.  Funding for the agency supports both the core operations and education-based services which include: college preparation and tutoring, abstinence education, and literacy and alternatives to school suspension.  These services are offered free of charge!

    Aunt Martha's
    Aunt Martha's Youth Service Center
    Aunt Martha's Youth Service Center (located in Olympia Fields on Governors Highway) mission is to be a caring community resource for children, youth and families. They do so by providing an array of social services that offer a safe haven for youth in crisis and empower them to succeed, including high quality and accessible healthcare for the whole family regardless of the ability to pay.
    Other services include: Child welfare, health care, juvenile justice, prevention, emergency shelter, runaway services, homeless services, street outreach program, crisis response, and more.

    Anger Tools for Families
    Are there anger issues in your household - with you, your child...both?  Would you like to learn some strategies and approaches to creating a more collaborative and supporting environment?  If you have asked yourself "How can I keep this under control?" then you can benefit from some of the many Anger Management Tools provided here.  Read what strategies have worked for others from a licensed Psychologist.  Educate yourself to empower yourself!  You can make a change!

    Strengthening Families Illinois
    The overall purpose of the Strengthening Families Illinois Initiative is to prevent child abuse and neglect and to promote the health and well-being of children and families by working with childcare centers and child welfare agency staff to incorporate evidence-based protective factors in early childhood services and systems statewide.

    love is not enough

    Love Is Not Enough - Keep Your Family Strong
    Love Is Not Enough
    is an Initiative of Strengthening Families Illinois, a Collaboration between the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and over 40 partner agencies and organizations. Love Is Not Enough Parent Cafes were developed by the Illinois Family Partnership Network as a partner of Strengthening Families Illinois.
    The Love Is Not Enough initiative is spreading six core messages:
    * Be strong and flexible
    * Parents need friends
    * Being a great parent is part natural and part learned
    * We all need help sometimes
    * Parents need to help their children communicate
    * Give your children the love and respect they need

    South Suburban College Community & Business Resources
    This SSC Community & Business Resource Site contains information and links to facilities, educational opportunities and services at South Suburban College that are available for the community members and local businesses.  Programs available for your use include:
    • Business and Career Institute
    • Community Education
    • Continuing Education
    • College for Kids
    • Career Development & Job Center
    • Fitness Center
    • Job Training Department
    • SSC Playhouse, The PAC Rats Theatre Co., & The Childrens' Co.

    Teen Living Programs
    Teen Living Programs
    Teen Living Programs delivers comprehensive, long-term solutions to youth without homes who strive for self-sufficiency and community connection. Teen Living Programs offers housing, job training, educational support, mental health counseling, holistic health care, and life skills training within a community of professional and passionate support. TLP’s comprehensive, long-term approach to youth homelessness reduces the number of youth who might otherwise become homeless adults. TLP also limits youth homelessness from taking root through its outreach and prevention programs in neighborhoods and schools.

    South Suburban PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter)
    South Suburban PADS is an inter-faith programproviding shelter and supportive services to homeless persons.  Compassion, hospitality and dignity are key characteristics of the PADS program.  Locations are in Chicago Heights and Oak Lawn.

    TLC Logo
    National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children
    The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children's™ (TLC) mission is to provide direct services to traumatized children and families and to provide school professionals, crisis intervention teams, medical and mental health professionals, child care professionals and clinicians with trauma education, training, consultation, referral services and trauma-specific intervention programs and resource materials needed to help children, parents, families, and schools traumatized by violent or non-violent trauma-inducing incidents.

    Back to Learn
    Back to Learn
    BackToLearn.com was founded in 2009 to help adult learners find their best college match. Looking to go back to college to earn your degree, or finish a degree?  Want to set the example for your child that education is important to you as well?  You can start here!
    BackToLearn.com offers the most comprehensive college match for adult learners. Users can also find helpful information for adults planning for college, such as about financial aid and credit transfers, as well as motivating stories from successful adult learners.


    The Cancer Support Center
    The Cancer Support Center (CSC), a non-profit organization, is committed to providing FREE support for people diagnosed with cancer in their families.  CSC provides services to over 70 communities in the Southland area of Chicago, as well as Northwest Indiana.  The Center is committed to providing a comfortable environment in which anyone dealing with a cancer experience (having been persoanlly diagnosed, or a family member or friend has been diagnosed) - including children - can both receive and share hope and encouragement.  Services include weekly support groups for cancer patients and family members, educational and wellness programs, and an extensive lending library.
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