• Business and Computer Education

    The Business and Computer Education Department serves all students.  Students have the opportunity to learn business concepts, computer applications, and consumer skills.  The students use computers and technology as tools for learning and gain knowledge of business expectations, work ethics, and career opportunities.  Students also develop teamwork, communications, and problem-solving skills necessary to become contributing members of the work force.
    The Business and Computer Education Program follows the recommendations as set forth by the SCANS Report, the Department of Labor, Illinois State Goals, south Suburban career Development System, and Illinois business Education Association.
    Program Goals:
    1.  Understanding the principles of communication as applied in the business world.
    2.  Understanding his/her role as a consumer and contributing member of the work force in our global economic system.
    3.  Understand the use of business and computer technology.
    4.  Understand the on-going career planning and preparation process.
    5.  Understand the practices and procedures of the business world.

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