• Performance & Communication Arts

    In keeping with community, state, and national expectations, students in the Performance & Communication Arts Program experience a wide range of creative opportunities through speeech, radio/TV, media-technology, theatre courses and co-curricular activities.  Students participate in creative activities involving intrapersonal and mass communications, which encourage them to become critical thinkers and effective communicators.  Through researching, networking, listening, speaking, scripting, staging, designing, constructing, and video-audio taping/editing, the students experience application, synthesis, and evaluation of the Performance & Communication Arts.  These courses and co-curricular experiences provide students with the foundation and training for effective leadership, aesthetic decision-making, team playing, and life-long learning in today's media-driven global, society. 

    Program Goals:
    1.  Understand the processes, elements, and tools that are
         used to create and perform multiple and varied works of  
         communication art in our modern world.
    2.  Understand the value of using collaboration in the artistic
         and technological creations of communication art.
    3.  Recognize the relationship between Performance &
         Communication Arts and the world in which we live,
         work, and study.
    4.  Understand self and community awareness through
         the creative communication processes.
    5.  Understand the evaluative processes used to form critical
         responses to works of communication.
    6.  Understand the value of participation in co-curricular and
         internship programs aligned to Performance &
         Communication Arts.


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