• Math Resource Center
    The Math Resource Center (MRC) at Thornwood High School provides one-on-one and small group tutoring during the school day.  Students may be referred by their classroom teachers or ask their teachers for a pass to the MRC any time during the day.  Additionally, students may “walk in” to the MRC during their free periods.  CP time is scheduled by appointment only.
    For more information, please contact one of the instructors:

    Alexandra Hay                                            Christy Lewis                                        Marcus Bates

    hay.alexandra@district205.net              lewis.christy@district205.net             bates.marcus@district205.net





    *Web content is constantly changing.  These resources are considered appropriate as of the time of this posting (9/23/15). Thornwood High School and the staff of the MRC take no responsibility for any changes in content after this date that you may deem inappropriate.  If that is the case, however, please contact Alexandra Hay at hay.alexandra@district205.