Mr. Tyran Cox-Bey

Phone: 708-985-3525


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Tyran Cox-Bey

PEACE Center Principal



    The PEACE Center program provides a re-search-based model to implement a wholistic approach that is restorative, non-punitive and meets the needs of the students. We encour-age positive attitudes resulting in students’ development of self-love, self-regulations and self-respect.



    To provide students the socioemotional, academic, behavioral and vocational skills necessary to increase their attendance, earn a high school diploma and prepare to enroll in higher educational and /or a vocational pro-gram, obtain gainful employment and be con-tributing members of their community.



    The PEACE Center is the alternative educa-tion placement program for Thornton Town-ship District 205 high school students. The program is designed to implement best prac-tices and interventions that support our core values:

    • Attentive, empathetic staff
    • All students will learn
    • Increase capacity for resilience
    • Loyalty
    • Unconditional love



    Restorative Justice
    Restorative justice is a value-based approach that uses peace circles to provide a safe space free of hierarchy where both students’ and staff mem-bers’ voices can be heard.

    Adverse Childhood Experiences
    All employees of the PEACE Center are trained in recognizing the Adverse Child-hood Experiences (ACEs). The goal of this training is to educate staff members on the effect Adverse Childhood Experiences have on the behavior and cognitive development of PEACE Center students.

    Behavior Management Services
    Throughout the day, students can earn points for appropriate school behaviors as well as for demonstrating progress in their specific goal areas. The goal is to help students think through their choices, discuss how their feeling and follow their individualized comprehensive plan to ex-perience success in the classroom.

    Social Work Services
    Social work services are available to all students who are experiencing behavioral, social, and/or emotional difficulties which are adversely impacting their ability to function within their educational setting.

    Counseling Services
    Counseling services are an important part of the program at The PEACE Cen-ter. The counseling team is always avail-able to work with individual students. The significance and nature of our stu-dents’ problems mandate that every as-pect of their school life be designed and manipulated to encourage and offer healthy growth.



    1. Create a safe space for all students, parents, staff and community stakeholders by integrating the use of restorative practices and peace circles in every aspect of the school day.
    2. Address and develop the socioemotional needs of students in a therapeutic setting by building positive relationships and addressing student barriers.
    3. Enhance core academic skills utilizing research- based practices.
    4. Impart occupational life skills to become productive members of society.
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Laura Vaughn Administrative Assistant 708-985-3525
Anthony Thomas Counselor 708-985-3555
Hanifah Ross Dean 708-985-3506
Adrianne Miller Social Worker 708-985-3527
Tracy Woodson Science Teacher
Phillip Kimbrough Life Skills Teacher
Sarah Reyes Creative Arts Teacher
Infini Jemison-Ewing English Teacher
Christopher Sarna Social Studies Teacher
Ashley Hay Math Teacher
Joseph Faron PE Teacher