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    Driver's Education, Health, & Physical Education

    The Driver Education, Health, and Physical Education Programs provide students with a wide range of physical and academic needs and interests.  These programs provide opportunities for students to develop decision-making, safe-driving, physical, and recreational skills that lead to healthy life-styles.  The students will be prepared to assume responsibility for their wellness and citizenship.
    Program Goals:
    1.  Understand and appreciate the physical development, structure, and functions
         of the human body and relate this understanding to healthy life-style choices.
    2.  Understand and value the principles of nutrition, exercise, efficient emotional
         stress management, positive self-concept development, drug use and abuse,
         and illness prevention and treatment.
    3.  Understand the principles of consumer health and safety, including environmental
    4.  Develop the skills necessary to participate in a variety of lifetime activities.
    5.  Understand the value of a personal wellness program.
    6.  Understand a variety of basic life-saving activities.
    7.  Understand the importance of becoming a safe and defensive driver.
    8.  Understand the importance of sportsmanship, team work, and appropriate
         social skills.