• Cindy Morris
    Area Instructional Leader- Cindy Morris

    The science curriculum is oriented toward investigative processes designed to meet the individual student’s needs and abilities. Through a variety of learning experiences, students are encouraged to engage in scientific inquiry to observe scientific principles that are established through careful observation; weigh facts and arrive at valid conclusions; appreciate the historical contributions of scientists; and recognize that science does not consist merely of facts and dogma, but that it is an exciting, dynamic process!

    The goals of the science department are that students will:

    • Perform the inquiry process of science as a system of knowing that involves:
      - the recognition and formulation of a problem,
      - the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and

      - the formulation and testing of hypotheses.
    •  Use scientific models and theories to explain the concepts and principles of life, chemical, physical, earth, and/or space sciences.
    • Understand how science is incorporated into the human experiences of history, society, culture, politics, and technology.
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