• Welcome to the Social Studies Department!

    Congratulations to our Social Studies Teachers
      Mr. Albert Butler, Thornwood
    & Mr. Joseph Janowiak, Thornton
     2012 Star Award Recipients for Teaching Excellence

     Star Teachers  

    Mr. Brett Fickes, Area Instructional Leader
    Email: fickes.brett@district205.net
    Phone: 708.259.6833

    Welcome to the Social Studies Area of Instruction of Thornton Township High School District 205.  According to the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), the primary purpose of social studies is to help young people make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse world, and democratic society.

    District 205 Social Studies teachers are charged with our Nation’s most important task. They prepare students with knowledge, values, and skills to successfully navigate through the issues facing the global community. We have a strong social studies curriculum in District 205.We offer a wide array of fascinating and vital courses. These diverse course offerings are crucial in a democratic society. Our young people must know how their government works, their individual rights and responsibilities, and understand the history of our nation and world. Our Content Area teachers provide this information as well as teaching the critical thinking skills necessary for processing that information. Through our classes students are exposed to other cultures, new ideas, and learn what it takes to live in a complex and pluralistic society. Long gone are the days when students in a History Class were asked to memorize long lists of dates, and names. Today’s 205 students are being challenged to read, write, and think at high levels. They analyze documents, assess evidence, and sort through conflicting interpretations of major events. Our students reflect on patterns of past change and apply it to our modern experience. They are being prepared to be effective citizens.

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