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Important District 205 Academic Update

All of us here at District 205 hope that you and your families are finding new routines and perhaps new and stronger ways to connect with each other during these unprecedented times. 

As you know, District 205 has implemented remote learning in each of its high schools. We want thank all of our students, parents and faculty for making this transition as smooth as possible. We here at District 205 are poised to begin distributing technology to those of our students without internet access so that we can reach out and teach all.

We have all been trained in crisis management, and we know that one of the things people need are routines and the comfort of schedules our students know. It is with this in mind that District 205 has decided that schools (virtual though they may be) will be closed this Friday. The day will be honored as a legal school holiday in accordance with our approved school calendar. The district will be providing double meals to our students on Thursday.

Finally, we have been considering the pros and cons of cancelling spring break. We have determined that ending the school year five days earlier than scheduled and cancelling spring break (April 20-24is in the best interest of our students. This will maintain an uninterrupted flow of remote learning.


Be well; be safe. 

Brett Fickes

Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction